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The Milk Bag and when Mike took John's baby.

As we prepare to launch into the Elly-versus-the-arcade arc proper, let's remind ourselves of what really annoys me about it: it's all Elly's fault in the first place. After all, we begin watching Mike and Gordon wanting to come in and play quietly only to be shooed out and told to do something else so that Elly can remind us that she has piss-poor time management skills. Since it's a dreary mid-winter day and there's nothing to do, they drift towards the Arcade of Exaggerated Depravity because they don't have a choice. When he gets home, he's treated like a war criminal by an idiot who won't admit that she could have avoided this were she to have been a more attentive parent.

It would be a good thing were this an isolated incident but the Pattersons are too in love with the idea that their children are trying to drag the family name through the mud out of ingratitude and malice to bother listening to words that might get in the way of feeling sorry for themselves. As a for instance, Mike will go on to make the good-faith error of missing an exit only to be accused by his idiot father of the moral equivalent of kidnapping. Again, we have a child caught between reality and the insane and inhumane expectations of a petty tyrant who thinks that being asked to consider things from someone else's point of view is a horrible defeat.

It is with this in mind that I have a nasty little laugh when Lizzie's inattention causes the good-faith mistake of breaking the milk bag she was supposed to bring back from the store. While I'm not at all happy to watch the poor kid writhe in pain because she knows that Mommy and Daddy are going to act like she did so on purpose because she hates them, it thrills me to watch the smarmy pieces of shit ask her why she made up a story instead of telling the truth. This is because they will not ever look in the mirror and see the hateful idiots who live in fear of their own children that we do.
Tags: child rearing disasters, ogres are us

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