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Parents of bad influences, visible and otherwise.

As we're seeing right now, Gordon wasn't always the beloved figure he is in the Later and Declining Years of the strip. In the early to mid-eighties, Gordon was the 'bad' friend that Elly believed to be leading Mike to perdition. While it seems likely that we were allowed a look at Gordon's dad when we saw that one strip with an aggressive loon hockey dad yelling at "Gordie", we never once saw Mrs Mayes during the strip's run. What little we do know about her suggests that she's the sort of weak mother that never seems to be able to defend her children from the rages of the angry, self-absorbed, entitled horror freak patriarch that seems to haunt the Liographies. When last heard of, she was attending the same AA meetings as Mayes Senior so as to atone for falling into a bottle while watching her idiot husband take out his disappointments on his son.

Of course, you could reduce what I said just now into a soundbite about how she's a stereotype failed parent from an Afterschool Special about the Plight of The Lower Orders. She thus joins Jeremy Jones's mother in being a fantasy projection of someone who likes to look down on those who are of lower social status than she is. Mrs Jones's Royal Road to Failure seems to stem from not being physically there and thus not being able to prevent the boy from following the innate tendency all children have towards thuggery.

Not, of course, that Lynn would do something crazy like admit to being filled with snobbery despite her Lynnsights dripping with a sort of contempt for those who have less. She'd as soon admit that she still yearns for that crush back from third grade.
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