dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Therese, the real God-damn victim.

It's quite safe to say that Liz has no real right to condemn Anthony's ex-wife at all. She may claim she isn't a homewrecker but events have proven otherwise. As someone on Coffee Talk pointed out yesterday, her paranoia was justified. It seems to me that the only person on this Earth who worships Liz's magnificence more than she does is ol'Creepthony. Directly or not, the poor woman got the distinct impression the whining dick she married saw her as nothing more than a pale substitute of the pallid twinkie we know and loathe. As near as I can determine, the real break in their marriage occured about when she expected him to live up to his promise to take care of the baby and let her go back to work. Not only do I think he did so with exceeding reluctance and angry bluster about her not being 'woman' enough for the 'only job she needed', he implied that Liz would gladly do stay home with the kid. I don't know about you but I'd gladly pay the price of being pilloried by the likes of Liz Patterson. Especially since she's bound to be a spectacular failure as a step-mother. I mean, if Angsthony thinks she's the Suzy Homemaker she says she is and he wanted, he's really stupid. ObliviLiz thinks the floor is a large, low-hanging shelf, she leaves food in the fridge far past its expiration date and she subsists on a diet of macaroni and cheese, canned spagheti and ramen noodles. As for being Francie's practically perfect step-mom, forget it. She has no patience, no sense of humor, a hair-trigger temper and can only tolerate children who suck up 24/7. What would be even more horrible is when she gets a touch of the post-partum depression that Therese might have suffered from. Y'see, since Liz is perfect, she's allowed to feel conflicted about raising a child whereas Therese is a monster in the eyes of the Pattersons. The fact that she stood in the way of everyone's long term plans has nothing to do with it.
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