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Does Gordon's Mom care?: a proposal

The really interesting thing about the "Mike and the Super-Crazy No-Way Arcade of Sketchiness" arc is that we are left with the impression that Gordon's mother did nothing about his going there. This, as howtheduck speculates, has a lot to do with the fact that Lynn was in the process of leaving Lynn Lake and Elly in the process of becoming always right and never having any doubts as to her rightness or challengers to her authority. The idea seems to have been that since Elly is the best parent ever, it only stood to reason that Mrs Mayes would fail her son by being asleep at the switch.

Too bad for Lynn that what we see doesn't support her hypothesis. While I'm pretty sure that the strip in her brain has Elly being a super-mom, the facts tell a different story. The first fact is that Mrs Mayes told Gordon to give back the money he cheated Mike out of renting the roller skates she bought him free and clear. She didn't set Gord impossible tasks in a doomed and counterproductive effort to teach him work was cool and she didn't stand for his taking advantage of a stupid kid. That says better mother to me right off the bat. Also, none of us have any real idea of how she reacted to his going to Crazy Eddy's Seedy Dive Of Implausibility. It could well be that she told the manager to turn him away at the door so as to prevent him from wasting his time there and, better yet, having to listen to the ill-informed ranting of the crazy-ass idiot that the dentist married. I mean, we do eventually learn that his dad is filled with drunken perfectionism and tends to respond to errors on Gordon's part with cursing and punching; that implies some level of awareness and a perverted need to do and be right. All Mike gets is lectures and exile.
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