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Super-advanced feminist logic in the Foobiverse.

It seems to me that no matter how inappropriate it might be to call the third treasury "Making Ends Meet", it ends just before something very, very stupid: Connie packing up and leaving for Thunder Bay. You will no doubt recall my speculating that she fled there so as to avoid further interference in her love life by Elly but, as we will find out in time, she did so for a depressingly silly reason. Simply put, her brave and clever reaction to the certainty that she'd have to watch Doctor Ted dating someone else was to take off like a thief in the night rather than face the 'humiliation' of being relieved of the burden of waiting for a witless momma's boy to finally commit to her. Did it matter that she disrupted Lawrence's life for a very selfish and cowardly reason? Not a bit! Then again, her pathetic need for a man, any man, to make her complete as a human being has always had a ruinous effect on her son and she has never once cared.

What really bothers me is that Lynn seems to believe that since Connie shouts slogans, she is a feminist despite her being a reactionary horror fantasy. It's like how Elly is supposed to have furthered the cause by weeping about how hard her life is when confronted with the problem of how to convince idiot John to get off his arse and pick up the house when she's running late or how Deanna is modern woman despite witlessly cheering on every stupid, self-absorbed and reckless decision Mike makes because she rebels against Straw Antagonist Mira.

What really bothers me about having to bear witness to helpless little wifeys nailing themselves to their crosses because that's what we gals end up doing is that grouping and tagging people like this takes away everyone's humanity. After all, the cartoon martyrs of the world aren't persecuted by people, they're being trivialized by cartoon ogres like John.
Tags: lynn versus her gender.

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