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Elly Patterson: Lying Narrator.

Having reviewed Monday's essay, it seems to me that it might just be asking too much of Elly to be bothered finding out what Gordon's mother did or didn't do about his trips to the arcade. We are, after all, dealing with someone so in love with wielding authority and so not in love with seeing other people's points of view, what everyone else does is an irrelevance. We also have to contend with the fact that we might not have seen the real Crazy Eddy's Arcade at all.

The reason I say this is because the strip is supposedly an account of the Pattersons' lives as told to Lynn Johnston. According to Michael's last Letter To Us, what we read in the papers is a sort of mildly fictionalized account of the real lives of a real family living in Metro Toronto. As I've said before, the problem with letting garrulous imbecile Elly do most of the job of telling the story is that despite her claims to be a neutral observer, she's as honest and open-minded as she is loving, firm, fair and kind. Since Lynn is said to rely on a self-serving ignoramus with a persecution complex visible from space, it doesn't take all that much mental effort to realize that this is why we see things like three year old children plotting on an adult level or seven year olds actively trying to derail careers. Since Elly believes that a toddler is actively trying to screw her over or that an eight year old knows what John means by hormones and that a dog actually knows English but is just messing with her, that's what we end up seeing. What this means is that Crazy Eddy's could be Chuck E Cheeze's North but since Elly is convinced that an arcade and a seedy billiard hall are the same thing (and since she'd never go near the place lest the people she only thinks want to shun her like a leper find out), we see a dive when it could be as safe as houses.

What really makes things irritating is that given that Michael shares being a pliable, dull-witted and eager-to-please dunce with Liz, he can be convinced that he did after all go to something resembling the Mos Eisley Cantina when, in fact, he didn't. After all, most of why he moved back to the Pattermanse is that Elly pulled a Jedi mind trick on him and convinced him that a childhood spent fearing the aggression of childish idiot parents-in-name-only who wanted to paste him because they didn't get exactly one hundred percent of their own way was somehow magical so he's pretty easy to fool.
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