dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Profitting from the misery of others: A proud Patterson tradition.

It's safe to say that Therese was far more sinned against than sinning. First off, the only reason Anthony started dating her was that he'd heard Liz was unavailable. Sure, he laid on the sweet talk in her presence but still loved Liz. He was a fool to think she wouldn't either find this out or piece it together on her own. Imagine trying to make a marriage work living in the shadow of some slobby, graceless, charmless, talentless, witless, immature little twinkie who has a sick hold on the man you fell hard for. Further, you're more or less told you're not good enough because you're not willing to become the domesticated drone she was born to be. I have more respect for Therese for getting the fuck outta Dodge with as little fuss as she did than I have for her bratty imbecile accuser. That being said, just because we all know Liz has no right to condemn Therese doesn't mean she can see that. The Pattersons never acknowledge that their victims have positive traits. They've made a life and living benefitting from the misfortunes of others. Remember how Liz got her teaching gig down South? Her predecessor's marriage had gone bust and she cried all the way back to Mother England. Doesn't matter to Liz that the woman's dreams fell to bits. She didn't have the right stuff so it was okay for Liz to profit from her misery. I also remember how Mike became senior editor of Portrait: his nemesis 'Divalea' got her keister stuck in a crack and there was a big witch-hunt in the industry wherein her supporters, like the guy how told Mike to take a hike, found themselves suddenly unemployed. Doesn't matter to Mike that his old boss can't get arrested in the publishing game, does it? Even April is tainted by this ugliness, this pettiness. Whenever Becky suffers, April feels beter about herself. None of them can possibly acknowledge that the people they presume to hate have as much right to happiness as they do. If they started thinking that, they might not like what they see in the mirror any more.
Tags: becky, foobs vs common decency, lizthony, sitting duck therese

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