dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Lords of Might-Have Been....

The problem with scapegoating as a means of evading personal responsibility is that it isn't a female-exclusive trait either in real life or in the Foobiverse. The disturbed and disturbing proof of that fact is Elly's sitcom archnemesis, Doctor Ted. When you read the one or two passages that refer to him directly in the book "The Lives Behind The Lines", you get told that time and again, he talks about the things that he could or should have done with his life if only conditions were exactly right. He could, you see, have married Connie if only this, that or the other thing had happened and ended up becoming a clone of John. The problem is that our boy is always more eager for what he could have than what he does have; as it stands now, he can look back on a life of regret and mourn the opportunities he let slip through his fingers because of his doubts and fears.

What is interesting about this is that I've pretty much described Elly. Granted, she was never able to cut and run from something that scared her as easily as Ted could and thus is more inclined to regret choices she wasn't able to back away from than he is but she does tend to mutter "if only" herself. She also shares Ted's tendency to use the past as an excuse for a failure to act. Just as she stands around bellowing about walking dolls, earlier curfews and busy babies as an excuse for not having the courage to do anything other than whine about her problems, Ted has the irritating habit of alluding to how his pooor mother needs him and how he's honouring the memory of a reckless idiot who he should have outgrown when he tries to explain that change scares him.

What this all means is that Ted is not only a bad person because he stands up to her. Ted is also a reminder of her own lack of real courage and her fear of actual growth; as long as he exists as an active presence in her life, she has to face the fact that she's a lazy, passive idiot who likes to complain....and that would be just awful.
Tags: elly on her cross, ted: playah dood

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