dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Maybe "Making Ends Meet" isn't that far off the mark after all......

As we know, the title of the upcoming third treasury is "Making Ends Meet." What bothers most of us is that the title clearly implies that the Pattersons are behind the eight-ball financially. What the outside observer sees when they look at John is a man who can easily afford to buy sports cars, stereos, vacations and, yes, even hobby businesses for the bored housewife who doesn't really have to work in order to cover the mortgage. It doesn't seem to make sense to imply that the two of them are still struggling just to get by unless there's some sort of hidden factor that somehow or other complicates things.

Unfortunately for all concerned, we get a strong hint as to what that X factor is Wednesday when John reminds Elly that once again, she's so eager to spend her paycheque, she's done so once already. As I said before long ago, Elly seems to not really be able to think coherently about large sums of money; while she can imagine what can be done with the small change she pulls out of people's pockets, once she has to contemplate a sum larger than one hundred dollars or so, she turns back into the little girl who needs a daddy to save her from spending herself into oblivion. We also have to contend with the irritating fact that when Elly witlessly dropped out of University to play house with her equally stupid husband, she did so without realizing that just because she was no longer a student, that didn't mean that her student loans didn't need to have to be paid back. Given that oversight (which, I should think, was as astonishing as finding out that no, bank managers aren't going to be 'reasonable' about it) and the fact that John stupidly expected whatever measly salary she made typing papers and waiting tables to support both of them until he got hired somewhere, it makes sense to assume that it took until April damned near drowned for the last of his and Elly's debts to get squared away. What really hurts is the realization that his two older children are as good at math and smart with their money as Elly is; this means that he has to own their horses because they're too stupid to be trusted with them. Too bad that the people he trusts to take care of them after he dies have tinsel where spines should be despite his belief that they have the head for business his kids lack. Were they have to married people whose firmness of character didn't frighten and anger him, they wouldn't end up spending their lives treading water financially.
Tags: anyone wanna buy a used future?, elly versus the real world

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