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Seek truth through gossip and stereotypes......

At some point or other when we were discussing how Elly/Lynn thinks that since Gordon had to be held back a grade, he necessarily had to come from a bad background and thus be a coarsening influence on poor, delicate little Michael, someone wondered what would happen if Michael himself were forced to repeat a year. My guess is that Elly and John would find a bad influence to pin it on rather than admit to scary facts such as "Michael is sort of an idiot" and "we aren't the best at helping him with homework" or "maybe Ted is right about his having ADHD after all." This, of course, means that poor Gordo would get blamed because he fits a profile. After all, everyone knows that if a child gets held back, it's either because of Trouble At Home or because he fell under the sway of a Bad Influence.

This, as I tried to say yesterday, is why Elly went into a tizzy because of Martha. Since Elly is programmed to believe rumors about how loose someone is and tends to judge people based on what 'everyone knows' about girls with 'dangerous' body language, she spent most of the early nineties slandering someone policed far more strictly than her own offsprings because of the way she dressed. Hell, she probably blames Martha's divorce on her being the sort of road-side, hands-on gig that wanted to sleep her way into their pockets.

Ah, well. At least with Martha and Rhetta, Elly got her gossip first-hand. Back when she was whining about the injustice of Anthony having to marry THAT EVIL FRENCH WOMAN, the rumors and stereotypes were distilled through three layers. This means that even though they've spoken, Elly still has no real idea who Thérèse Arsenault really is and, since she's stupid and fearful and most of all hates the idea of admitting she's wrong, never will.
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