dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Animal Abuse for For and Profit......

The sad part of this horrific arc is that Humphrey isn't the only defenseless animal whose endangerment at the irresponsible hands of imbecile Elly was meant to be comic fodder. After all, Lynn seems to think that Farley's getting yelled at, kicked at, fed stuff dogs should not eat, being allowed to wander around at large and thereby risking getting run over, getting skunked, shaved bald and being made to travel two thousand bloody miles in an airless trailer so as to crisp-fry his brains and so forth is loads of laughs. Why, it's almost as much fun as having April's pet rabbit and his addiction to chewing electrical cords.

The reason that Lynn keeps on doing this seems to be fairly simple and can be found in the "Mike is bad because he isn't sharing the hamster with Lizzie" strip. We and Michael see a small, defenseless creature that risks getting mangled by a small child who cannot know better. Lynn and Elly see an object that must be shared no matter what the cost. Since animals aren't really real to Lynn, the idea that their suffering is somehow wrong doesn't seem to be able to occur to her; since she can't identify with their pain, her response to being asked to is one of bafflement that people make such a big deal over nothing.
Tags: farley: chew toy of fate, lynn versus the real world, values dissonance theatre

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