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Deanna, Anthony and the likelihood that they'll allow pets.

One of the more interesting things about the letters that the characters supposedly wrote was this little passage from one of the last ones from Deanna:

We've also got safety latches on the workshop and the garage, and we made very sure that the gate in the back fence is secure - we don't have a "Farley" around to rescue Robin or Merrie from the ravine.

What is interesting aside from the fact that it took a change in ownership to make sure that the latch I keep talking about was finally secured is that as far as I can see, Deanna will make sure that they never do get a Farley of their own. No. Dog ownership is not for her. While it is true that she will allow her children to have a pet because Evil Mira had much the same opinion of pet ownership as Great Grandma Marian, the letter for the pets she wrote tells us that she suffers from the belief that there's such a thing as a starter pet. Given that there's not really any such thing as one and that having small children keeping rabbits is a pretty good way of getting rabbits killed, we're either on Butterscotch's third replacement by now or she's been prevailed upon to not put helpless creatures in harm's way.

My guess is that the person doing so might well be Anthony. If this is the case, he's going to be doing the right thing for the wrong reason. The one thing that you do notice about his Liography is that he was raised in a pet-free environment and, well, I've never seen Shiimsa since he and Liz got engaged. This tells me that he probably has an allergy to pet dander but doesn't really want to get into some horrible fight with his children. He could thus point to Deanna's failed experiment and make a high-sounding, PETA-worthy pronouncement about the Unfairness of Keeping Pets as a means of keeping his children from wondering why he keeps an epi pen with him at all times.
Tags: blandthony, deanna, the pattersons versus animals

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