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April, Becky, Fiona and Phil: The lesser beings and pet ownership.

It seems to me that it's only fitting to end my look at pet ownership in the Foobiverse by reminding us of how the people whose lifestyles alarm the Pattersons have dealt with pets in the past and how the way they look at pets manifests itself in the present. Since the April of 2013 is probably the subject of a lot of hand-wringing on Elly's part and angry mutterings about ingratitude on John's about how she never seems to want to be 'part of the family', I'll start with the Martian. It seems to me that having been influenced by Jim, she comes closest to being actually able to see an animal as being more than an accessory that eats, breathes and poops. While it's true that John and Elly raised her to ignore pets in the hopes that they wouldn't do anything when they weren't looked at, Jim's teachings might make a semi-decent pet owner out of her. That being said, the in-strip decision to have her take part in the Calgary Stampede is as much a product of Lynn's ignorance as is her decision to make Deanna and the kids fans of the ultra-adult Just For Laughs festival. Since all Lynn sees when she looks at coverage is horses and cattle, how they're treated washes right over her.

This means that she isn't expecting the clash between Becky and April that I am. Lynn might have forgotten this but I remember that the pre-crush-everyone-with-her-star-power Becky had herself quite the collection of pets. Since she's a D-list celebrity, isn't very bright and thus easy to mold into a spokes-moron, it seems to me that it's fairly likely that she's going to think that a Holstein is pet material and thus end up waving a placard in protest for, at best, the Humane Society and, at worst, PETA.

Ah, well. At least they've got a couple of decades to sort things out. The rest of the people on my radar don't. As by way of example, while I have no real idea how old Fiona Brass might be, what I do know tells me that she's probably going to end up like the man who used to own Dixie and have to surrender her beloved cat Beaumont Junior to a good home. This means that the people who ended up taking in Shiimsa can contrast the horrible people who abandoned Queenie with the nice old lady who brought BJ into their lives.

Perhaps that person will be Leah Nichols. While we know very little about her owing to her being part of the Nichols embargo, we do know that at one point, Anne had a cat. Perhaps in between refereeing battles with kids and policing Steve, she had the time to teach her child respect for life. Then again, it could be Evil Ted who's doing it. We know very little of him and he could well be a cat person.

This leaves us having to look at someone else who is fairly responsible when it comes to having pets in his life: Phil. Aside from the incident in which an elderly neighbour's barking dog drove him and Georgia nuts, he is able to coexist with pets and pet owners but seems to feel no strong need to move past the Age of Aquariums. This probably displeases Elly because it gets in the way of having it all.
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