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The Enjo Family, Part One: Dawn of Tokenism

I do realize that I'm a year and a half early but since I whetted my appetite with that thing where Elly thought that Michael was about to use an ethnic slur to describe Brian and Dawn Enjo, it only seems right that I take a bit of a closer look at the Enjo family as a whole. I should think that the best place to start is by looking at not only the one who appeared the most but was also the last one of them to appear: Dawn. Were a person to take her Liography as gospel, you'd end up with the impression that she's a normal human being who somehow ended up in the Patterson's world. Granted, I could have done without the Fingerpainted Portrait Of Destiny and would have liked to have known David's name (according to the letters that weren't archived, it's "Hastings") but the picture we're given is of the sensible friend who has a good head on her shoulders.

It's too bad for all of us that she's not nearly as sensible as she looks. The girl I see is someone so broad-minded, her brain seems to have fallen out. Why else would she stupidly follow Candace's stupid suggestion (made, as Curly C admitted, half in jest) to get herself a fade or Candace's OTHER cunning plan to make sure that Liz realized that Anthony actually did like her? I know that it's fairly hard to resist the temptation to want to be accepted by someone who looks cool but at some point, Dawn should have done more than swallow her dread of What Would Happen like so much Brad from Luann and not participate in any crazy schemes. Too bad we're not dealing with a person who can pick up on social cues (such as the fact that Liz tends to fixate on favouritism) or else she wouldn't have been dragooned into the craziest scheme of all: talking smack about the marriage of a woman she never met because she fell for Assthony's whining. Ah, well. At least she didn't do something REALLY stupid and move to Japan because of a counter-productive need to embrace her "real" identity. More on that (and the way real Japanese people deal with Sansei like Brian) tomorrow.
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