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The Enjo Family, Part Two: Brian looks for authenticity.

As I continue my look at the Enjo family, it seems to make sense to talk about the one who came closest to being the poor sap that serves as a lightning rod for the religious nuts who squeal with rage whenever a gay character appears to defy God, tempt children and bruise fruit: Brian. As we all know, he was originally cast as a sort of polite version of the stereotypical Asian nerd. Given that Lynn isn't all that inclined to admit that the teachers who told her that she could do better were right, his wanting to do well in his coursework was treated as something of a tolerable disability than as a model for better behaviour on the part of a perfect Patterchild. The first hints that he'd go off the rails somehow came to us when Carol started talking up how it worried her that he wasn't interested in girls. This made a lot of us wonder if he was the one to be told to hang out with his own "kind" by a slobbering ignoramus; fortunately, Lynn fears censure from angry people more than anyone else so went for the more obvious solution of having Lawrence become the avatar for tolerance.

Unfortunately for him and everyone in his immediate family, someone did too good a job telling him how craven, mindless and bigoted Jim's generation were and are. As by way of example, Truman regretted the necessity of dropping the bombs but consoled himself with the fact that millions of people on both sides would not perish in an invasion; Canada's Prime Minister King was glad that they blasted Japanese people instead of decent white people like the Germans. Since he was a goofy kid and since old soaks like Jim aren't going to line up to apologize for growing up stupid and hateful under the Red Ensign, Brian seems to have given up on Canada and decided to seek out his own "kind"; the poor dodo seems to have convinced himself that Japan is more tolerant than Canada when, if anything, it's pretty much the same.

If anyone is paying attention, they'll immediately realize that this is the same sort of paternalistic bullcrap that led to Lynn whining piteously because the "real" Thailand had vanished in favor of something less like a setpiece for Anna and the King of Siam. Anyone with two clues to rub together would realize that in the real world, the people of Japan see Brian as just another God-damned foreigner; granted, he looks like most everyone else around him but he's really just some jerk from the West play-acting at being "really" Japanese. Ah, well. He'll learn his lesson if he does something stupid and tries to leave his wife. From what I understand, Japanese divorce laws tend to be draconian. Also, good luck trying to seek custody: he wouldn't get it in a million years. My guess is it's at that point he'd start braying about how no one should treat a Canadian like this. In the real world, this would be an object lesson on how stupid it is to assume that there's a paradise on Earth given that Earth is populated by a species that seems to delight in making its fellows miserable. In the Foobiverse, nothing would be learned because of the crazy-ass definition of fairness Lynn has.
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