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Duncan Anderson: Caribbean Cipher

As you might have guessed, I think that one of Liz's Great Big Problems is that she hasn't managed to escape the baleful influence of the Professional Good Influences that her parents like having around. Whenever I see one of the Magical Tokens, I'm put in mind of the character I most hate in Greg Evans's Luann: Delta James. Evans himself seems to see a rather sensible figure who motivates her apathetic friends to Helping Others. I see an annoying, chirpy, unlikable jackass who sees the people around her as stepping stones on her path to greatness; the idea that they don't want to waste their precious youth which they'll never get back helping some nagging narcissist climb the ladder is not one that appeals to her any more than being told they have a moral obligation to put aside their own petty desires for the sake of their children appeals to John or Elly.

This is especially true about the irritants April had to contend with: Eva "Warzone" Abuya and Luis "Refugee" Guzman. The instant that April starts talking something that normal people would sympathize with, Eva is Janey-on-the-spot with a cutting remark about war zones or expiration dates so that a sinister sort of magic act can take place. The idea is that since April's being treated like a piece of furniture no one wants to do with do not affect Eva in the least, April is magically supposed to stop caring about it. Similarly, we're supposed to pity Luis so much that we no longer care about someone whose main problem is not La Migra but doltish, greedy parents who regard her as a moocher because she doesn't bring money in.

Would, then, that they were all placid ciphers like Duncan. I mean, if we must have people whose sole reason for existing is to have Lynn caper around yelling "Hoop-yah! Look how tolerant the Pattersons are!!", the least they can do is BE tolerable and shut the Hell up about it. We know as much about him as we do Darryl Smythe.
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