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Shawna Marie: A proud product of Exile Farm.......

Now that I've talked as much as I care to about the Enjo family, I'd like to discuss Liz's other token Magic Minority Friendoid, Shawna Marie Verano. Much like Lawrence Poirier, she's pretty much a product of Lynn's lack of any real knowledge of Latin America; much as Sarah Palin thinks that Africa is a country, Lynn seems to think that the world South of the Rio Grande is a homogenous mass of swarthy people who speak Spanish. Trying to explain that Brazil is the largest Portuguese-speaking country in the world or that the Argentina where the Veranos are supposedly from is a majority-white country (Buenos Aires, in fact, being indistinguishable from Toronto save for the language, the fact that the people dress better and who they think that certain sheep-ridden islands in the South Atlantic belong to) is the same exercise in futility that explaining to her that the Authentic Thailand never really existed save in the minds of a Hollywood script writer.

Not, of course, that it doesn't somehow fit that she's the product of Lynn's ignorance. After all, she came into Liz's life as the end result of her parents' panicky stupidity. You see, one summer, she had Dawn all to herself and one trip to Exile Farm later, Lizardbreath felt as if she was on the outside looking because "Dawn likes Shawna Marie best now." What really, really hurts about that is that John and Elly hadn't the courage or decency to do anything other than moan about how baffling it was that Liz never felt as if she belonged anywhere when it was their God-damned fault that she felt that way. It's like watching the potato-nosed harridan whine about how Liz never came to her with her problems when she and her non-stop moaning about how ungrateful she and Michael were WAS Problem Number God-Damned One.

Anyways, after their issues got resolved, Shawna Marie turned into a logic defying amalgam of Candace's being closer to the Earth and Eva Warzone's need to lecture Liz about how awful some woman she only knew by reputation was. I have no idea what possessed her and Dawn to talk smack about Thérèse or why she thinks that it's a great thing that she stuck up for that toxic little dink Anthony because she knew him; all I know is that I don't like it. I also don't like how her wedding from Hell to Brian Squiggly Line (seriously, Lynn couldn't even give the man a name) is where Liz FINALLY committed to Anthony after about ten or twelve years of false starts and missed opportunities. She might think that she witnessed magic; sane people will realize that a relationship that should have petered out and died ages ago was being kept alive by artificial means so that two selfish old people who think that their children owe them for the air they breathe can get money that they do NOT and never did have coming.
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