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Curly C Reappraised: Why Candace was 'bad'....

Now, to get back to the very irritating habit Lynn has of supplying the children with Inspirational Token Good Influence Friendoids, I'd like to discuss the equally irritating habit she has of making the white person something of a hindrance to the parental desiderata of exploiting the unearned labour of their children. As you will remember, I speculated that the principal reason that Gordon Mayes was thought of as a bad influence is that he exposed Michael to something far worse than video games and swearing. His major 'malfunction' was his belief that Elly Patterson's opinion on anything is optional, that Michael need not live his life according to her whims and, worst of all, that Elly isn't actually owed anything merely because she has to adapt to the presence of children in her life. Sadly, he wound up somehow financially beholden to the Pattersons and thus had the substance and defiance sucked out of him. Heh. It's like he's the kid in the PSA Hanna-Barbera made in the seventies; the kid walks through a pop-art landscape of pills accompanied by a walking spliff only to approach a walk-in mausoleum of hopelessly addicted Drug Zombies, get latched onto by one of them, age fifty years and then get pulled into The Tomb Of All Hopes so as to tune in, turn on and drop out of the human race. Sure, the whole "Scooby Doo meets Jack Webb" vibe is kind of ridiculous but when you realize that Gordon must have aged before his time trying to keep the Pattersons at bay, it's not that funny.

It's too bad that he has something they want; Candace has at least the sense to provide the psychological analysis that John and Elly fear and hate. Elly, it seems, has always found Candace to be a bit of a problem for much the same reason she used to condemn Gordon. Candace, you see, never seemed to value Elly's opinion as such because she had bigger problems in her life than worrying about some ignorant old nag who's too busy feeling sorry for herself because she has to do something unfair like anticipate what her children will do to notice her life is blessed. She has to worry about living in a universe where the only reason a person has to outrage other children's parents is that her own home life sucks sooooooooo much that she can't be afraid of Elly like she's supposed to.

That's right. I went there again. I freaking hate it that kids just can't shave their heads, get piercings or play headache music because they like it; they always have to be reacting to bad parents. This is bullshit because we all know that children of loving parents can be goths too; then again, our brains aren't made of Afterschool Specials and romance comics.
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