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Too good to hang out with losers: what Becky should have told Eva Warzone.

As you will recall, I recently linked to the last strip in which Becky appeared. What Lynn clearly seems to have intended to happen was to have Becky apologize for seeking fame and the lonely, nomadic and empty lifestyle that goes with it when she should have been satisfied with fun, friendship and hiding her light under a bushel so that the less talented (HI THERE, AYPO!!!!) can feel better about themselves. She also seems to wanted Becky to apologize to Eva Warzone for thinking that she was better than people she was better than. The strip in question can safely be described as being an example of the same ethos that produced this example of Lynn's belief that the more talented should simply lose on purpose in order to make people feel better and spare them the horrible effort of getting good at something.

Granted, there is a situation that doesn't involve apologizing for having goals, a positive work ethic, the willingness to do things you don't like and other things that Lynn hates. In the real world, Becky might have finally realized that April believed that she'd declared war on her and wanted to use her star power to crush her and her friends. Being famous wouldn't seem as cool when it came at the expense of a friend's sanity and peace of mind so the whole 'too good for my own good' speech might have been yet another way by which Becky wanted to reach out to April and turn a misguided antagonist back into a friend. That being said, Becky should NOT have apologized for having ambition. While it is very unlikely that April would actually believe that people who don't follow her lead aren't trying to bust her ass given her background, an honest effort to explain herself might start to make sense once April is out in the real world and has to deal with how regular, non-Patterson people behave. What Becky should have done is to take Eva Warzone aside and explain that when a person tries to confide in a 'friend' only to get a snippy little speech about expiration dates and war zones because said 'friend' is too blind to see how awful the Pattersons really are, said 'friend' needs very much to take a flying leap. She could start by pointing to Shannon and her mother, Eva herself and her mom, and so on and so forth and then ask "One of these things is not like the other"; given that John is in the parking lot grumbling because he has to do things for his daughter when all the other parents willingly support their children, I think that Eva would lose a lot of face and thus finally shut her stupid mouth.
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