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On the telling silences of the near future.....

As we saw Tuesday, Lynn said that she couldn't come up with any sort of amusing anecdote or clever thought when she looked at that day's strip. We also know that she drew a similar blank last February when she showed John and Elly being affectionate with one another. It's fairly clear that her silence about those strips comes from the same part of her mind that placed the Nichols family under embargo after she decided to make Anne's story the story of her affair. Lynn, you see, has an instinctive dread of discussing subject matter that hits too close to home and Rod's affair is as close as it gets. This, along with her need to solicit pity, means that we can look forward to more blanks being drawn as the years go on.

The curious thing about all of this is not that we're going to have to plow through Lynnsights that translate into "Please, please, PLEASE pity me because for reasons I won't go into, my awful husband left me for a woman who didn't expect him to give up everything boring, irrelevant and stinky HE loved so he could do something super fantastic and take care of a woman too lazy and selfish to fend for herself like a God-damned adult is God-damned supposed to." The curious thing is that Lynn has decided to get rid of Coffee Talk so she can't get all that nice pity from misguided people who don't realize what a slug-like parasite she is. What seems to me to be happening is that she fears that sooner or later, people will start seeing things from Rod's perspective. Since that would mean that instead of pity, she'd get called out on being lazy and entitled, she'd rather not risk more mothers telling her that the world doesn't really owe her a living.
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