dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Why Phil can’t can’t teach effectively

To continue on from where I left off, Phil is probably still wondering what kind of spineless idiot Michael is not pushing right on through past the pain and making a go of it as a trumpet player. Not only do we have the whole vanity issue to consider wherein Phil is going to be thought of as a lousy teacher, we also have him joining Marian in wondering how people get like that. This is because we’re dealing with the bad trait he picked up from Marian; while he does seem to have inherited his father’s work ethic, the same thing cannot be said for Jim’s ability to listen to other people or Jim’s realization that there is no one perfect way to do things. Marian, you see, made a virtue of being an inflexible idiot who was so hung up on the process that she forgot what it was for. She also had the annoying belief that if someone didn’t immediately grasp the ‘obvious’, they were either stupid or malicious. This is why Phil makes a lousy teacher; he doesn’t listen to his students and he believes them to be either dense or rotten. My guess is that when one of them is foolhardy to try to explain why they feel lost after an afternoon of boring anecdotes that reveal him to be an oafish throwback to a less enlightened era, pompous lectures that out him as not really knowing what he’s doing there and blaming them for his own failings as a man and educator, he’ll do the same stupid thing Marian did to him and Elly always does when she wants to remind her children that they don’t matter: he turns his back to them and makes a face like he smelled something awful.

Tags: phil: bee and bop king

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