dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Crappily Ever After, Part Deux

As we enter the home stretch of first run strips, I can't help but realize that Liz is worried about the wrong ex coming in and stirring up trouble. As I keep saying, Warren has no idea the Decider decided she and him is throon. After all, what he heard was some mild pleasantry about how they'd be able toget back together the next time he was in town. There's no way he heard her angry, childish reaction thousands of miles away so he thinks they're cool. Granted, when he does show up looking to pick things up from where he left off, she will sort of tell him it's not gonna work but, as you can probably guess, she'll do so in an extremely childish and peevish way. Watching his lady love act in a manner that would disgrace his two-year-old might start Anthony to maybe eyeing the exits, just like he did when Therese started doing things that made him uncomfortable. This sets up the real problem I have with this arrangement: how will John and Elly react when Liz's marriage to ol'Blandthony starts to go sour? I think we can safely say that the only real difference between her and Therese is a few years of time and temperment. Granted, Therese had more to bring to the party going in but the hateful freak she married turned out to be a passive aggressive bully, didn't he? It isn't gonna be too much longer after they're married before Liz is in the exact same fix the Evil Career Woman[tm] was in. She'll be stuck in a life she's been railroaded into with a husband moaning about the one that got away and children she can't bear to look at. It isn't gonna be much longer before she too starts to lash out. Unfortunately for the kids, her hostility will be directed towards them. She isn't gonna sit in her chair sobbing, no way! We've seen what she intended to do to April when she was pissed at her and realize that small children aren't so good at getting out of the way of ill-tempered jackasses as teenagers are. Who do you think is gonna cop all the blame in that litle scenario? Since Creepthony didn't lay a finger on them, Jelly are gonna come down hard on the Breath, I'd say. They don't have it in them to sympathize with anyone who stands in the way of their self-image so she's gonna end up jammed up every which way while the guy that put her there is lionized by jackholes. The sad thing is that she won't be able to realize that that's exactly what Therese went through.
Tags: blandthony, liz: whining martyr

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