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The gift of confirmation bias......

It seems to me that Elly's pious little lecture about how grabby she thinks Michael gets helps explain why she feels so out of her depth when throwing her children parties. Simply put, she's reacting to she believes to be happening, not what's really happening. What she believes is happening is that Mike is tearing away at gifts because he wants to make her look like she hasn't raised him properly out of malice and selfishness and will not entertain the possibility that he isn't doing so to make her look bad. To do that would mean that no, no one in the community thinks the world is coming to an end because Elly Patterson's latest attempt to pass herself off as being some kind of big shot suffer a head-on collision with reality. In this particular case, the wreckage is caused by Elly's belief that what's happening is that her credibility as a mother is being tested colliding with the reality that no one but her expects the children to behave like the horror freaks in those God-awful social hygiene films from the fifties.

Imagine, if you will, Elly apologizing to Darryl Smythe's mother for Michael's behaviour. Given that most people would ask her the question "What did you expect to happen?"' it doesn't take much thinking to realize that Elly would lose that little battle. Elly would come away with the mistaken impression that Mrs Smythe is another person who wants Michael to walk all over her and ruin her as a force in the community because he's selfish and hates her. Mrs Smythe would come away with the accurate impression that Elly Patterson is a petty nincompoop who labours under the misapprehension that things are far more serious than they actually are. I should think that when she and her friends get together, they make ironic remarks about how Elly Patterson thinks that she's more important than she actually is before sipping their tea in unison.
Tags: elly on her cross

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