dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Elly can't not do things.......

As we all know, Elly is like all of us in that she wants deep down to feel as if she's been a positive influence on the world. She might disguise her need to be validated by giving it the name "duty" but we all know that she wants to be appreciated. The premise of the strip is, after all, Elly's long-term battle to make sure that someone out there appreciates what she does for them and praises her for it; the Settlepocalypse is thus supposed to be the family's way of showing Elly that they are grateful by gathering together to launch Elizabeth on her journey through what Lynn calls 'wedded bliss' and 'the good life' and what we call 'suburban ennui' and 'the persistence of folly.'

What this means is that not only does Elly do things because she lets people who want to exploit her for their own selfish ends do so, she goes the extra mile in order to prove to people who've gotten so used to her scurrying around that she's become invisible that they can count on her. The revenge effect of this sort of self-defeating behaviour is that Elly has unwittingly trained her family to expect more of her than they really sort of deserve to have. What ended up happening is that the more she tried to convince John that, no, she didn't sit on her ass all day, the more she ended up doing and the less of it he saw.

When you combine her need to kowtow to lazy people in order to not feel like an idler and her need to show the inattentive that she does a lot of things for them with her third crippling tendency of wanting things done in just one way, it's not much of a surprise that Elly ends up looking like a damned zombie half the time.
Tags: elly versus herself, john versus reality

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