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Territorialism in the kitchen cabinets reconsidered.

So far, I've reminded you all that Elly tends to let people influence her too readily and tends to want to call attention to herself as a means of explaining why she does too much work for her own good. What also tends to add hours to Elly's day is best explained by watching her reaction to something she hated to see whenever she came home from an extended trip. As we all know, she had the habit of having either her mother or her mother-in-law over to watch the kids and whenever that happened, Carrie and Marian had the rather predictable habit of rearranging Elly's kitchen to suit themselves. The idea of respecting Elly's privacy or the way she lives her life is not something either woman came within light-years of contemplating. The way they saw it, they were doing her the enormous favor of showing the poor young thing the right way of doing things and were baffled by her ingratitude. Once they left to ponder how silly it is that Elly wants to do things her own way when there was clearly only one way to do things properly, Elly gritted her teeth and put things back the way she liked to have them and vowed not to be the same sort of interfering dimwit.

Sadly, she is the same sort of interfering dimwit but since she's as rock-stupid as Marian and Carrie were in that area, she doesn't realize that she's a meddlesome clod who makes work for herself. What generally ends up happening is that someone comes in and does a fairly good job of cleaning but since Elly doesn't think it's clean because it isn't done her way, she either points out what he or she has done wrong only to turn around and ask a friend why people are so blasted reluctant to do housework. Since she isn't aware that she's doing the same blasted thing she hates when it's done to her, her confusion is both genuine and aggravating.

That being said, her lack of awareness that she's too easy to manipulate, too ready to volunteer for her own good and too in love with one way of doing things are simply symptons of a wider problem: her lack of awareness of that she's making herself miserable and why she does it.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus her family, elly versus herself

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