dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

I knew you wouldn’t believe me: a study in under involved parenting.

As we’re about to see, Elly is once again going to mommyjack shamelessly and state that Georgia’s opinion about her parenting style (or lack thereof) is worthless because she doesn’t have children of her own. While it’s true that it’s usually bad form to directly confront a parent about what she’s doing, Elly is something of a special case because of the end result. This is because Georgia is trying to tell her that having nine year old Michael pounding the holy living Hell out of four year old Lizzie is not something that she should be ignoring just because she’s tired. As I’ve said over the years, Elly can’t seem to notice that Michael is trying his damnedest to make Elizabeth feel like a stranger in her own home because he’s too God-damned selfish and hateful to share even a tiny bit of the spotlight. The way the irrational pile of malice and self-pity sees it, if Lizzie were to magically go away, he’d get all the attention and none of the punishment because he combines being dumber than a sack of hair to being a whiny, vindictive sack of shite. Not, as I’ve said before, that Elly sees this. Since she’s a busy mother with nooooo help and nooooo time to herself and since what children do to one another doesn’t matter, she’ll let them solve their own problems. Should someone who doesn’t have children come along and say “You really ought to pay attention to that, you know”, the pious fool makes a defensive remark about how she can only be judged by another parent of two children and go merrily on neglecting the fact that she’s destroying her children’s ability to trust her.

This, you see, is where her policy of amoral neglect comes back to haunt her. I remember that one of my first posts made the point that since Lizzie knew that Elly and John would not defend her, she realized that she’d have to go elsewhere for some sort of relief from feeling isolated. Between the Scylla of a mother who’s too blind and self-pitying to notice that Michael’s campaign to make Lizzie feel isolated is working and the Charybdis of a father who thinks that his sole job is to provide money, the poor thing has nothing like a real parent who she can come to with her feelings of being lost. Thus we have Elly not seeing that her refusal to take her hoodlum son aside and tell him that Lizzie ain’t going anywhere when it could have worked led directly to Miss Edwards providing the emotional support Mommy is too dumb to give.

Then again, Elly was too stupid to understand that constantly ignoring Michael and bellowing at him for being selfish when he wanted reassurance is most of why he stupidly thinks that he’s got to somehow chase the usurper away and would go on to be too dim to get that her chronic inability to listen to April about what a wretched piece of excrement Jeremy is led directly to her being told that Mommy simply cannot be trusted to look out for her offsprings.

Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus the real world, mike versus lizzie

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