dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Michael and the trumpet pill......

To conclude my look at why Michael eventually gave up on practicing the trumpet and disappointing Elly, I'd like to draw your attention to the following two strips set about a year apart. In this first one, we see Lawrence and Michael discussing the fact that Elly insists on making Michael take lessons despite her having sucked the enjoyment out of them; Lawrence tells Michael that since Elly had to do something she hated, she's not going to let Michael get away with having an easier time of it. This reminds us of a thing that Elly ignores at her peril; she doesn't want to admit it and manages eventually to convince herself otherwise but the plain fact is that she's seen as a sadistic know-it-all who spends her every waking moment planning how to arbitrarily torment the children she hates. The Elly Patterson of 2013 is probably both flattered and baffled by Mike telling her that while she originally looked like a Nazi space monster who hates children, she actually did have something like his best interests at heart.

What she also wants very much to not admit is that Michael learned to be a slacker by watching her. It must anger the boy to see his mother lecture him about having a lousy attitude and poor work ethic when she herself tries to duck tasks she doesn't like. Worse still, this whole "It's only wrong when he does it" vibe is only reinforced by reminders that she wants to quit in despair when things get tough. Why should he work and work and work if Mommy wants to there to be a writing pill or a computer pill or an anything pill that would give HER the instant proficiency she craves? It just doesn't seem fair that he isn't allowed to have fun because his mother is angry at him because he does the same things she does.
Tags: child rearing disasters

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