dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Dungeon Keeper John Patterson......

As you noticed the other day, both Liz and April have both imagined John either chaining them up or locking them away in a dungeon because they either do something harmless that he finds an intolerable inconvenience or make the foolish mistake of trying to get in the way of him and his beloved Ungodly Eyesore Vandal-Magnet Train Layout Of Selfishness And Immaturity™. While this is rather unsettling, it's sadly somewhat predictable. The children always seem to live in fear of how John and Elly will react to things that aren't really worth blowing one's stack about.

Take, as an example, the time they sent Lizzie out to the store to buy one of those bags of milk that they sell up here. The kid gets playing around like a normal kid and the thing breaks. No big deal, right? Wrong. VERY big deal. Very big deal indeed. Lizzie is terrified of how Elly and John will react to a minor inconvenience; so terrified that she tries to lie her way out of the brutal punishment she's convinced is coming. When Lizzie's fear of getting a beating for stonewalling Mommy forces her to tell the truth, Stupid and Useless Flapanhonk is astonished that her lifetime of of exploding in a blind rage when confronted with minor inconveniences has produced a child who assumes that making a good-faith mistake equals at best being sent away forever and at worst being beaten to death.

John, it would seem, is Elly's equal in avoiding seeing how his being a belligerent loon with no tolerance for minor irritations that saner, better, braver people realize aren't worth getting upset about make his children confuse him with some sort of cruel, medieval despot who locks girls up for shits and giggles. The only difference between the two is that Elly has a little voice in her head called a "conscience" that she tries to silence because its insistence that her claims of being a martyr are lies keeps her awake at night. John has never been able to identify emotionally with the people around him so his never having been hampered by the crazy, limiting concepts that weak people call 'remorse' and 'common decency' allows him to sleep the peaceful sleep of the inhuman monster.

The only thing that gives me the remotest bit of pleasure is that he's alienated the one person who would otherwise had the decency to visit him twenty years from now when he's an elderly widower dying slowly of liver failure. Mike will be too busy with his own life, Liz will be too hammered to drive the three blocks to his rest home and April would have come but Daddy will always be an ungrateful asshole who acts like a spoiled, stubborn, greedy and mean-spirited five year old so why waste remorse and sympathy on someone capable of neither? That delightful vision of his having driven away the only person with the decency to care about him more than balances out the disgust inspired by Lynn's refusal to see that having children live in a constant state of justified fear is not a good thing.
Tags: elly versus her family, john: little tin god or petty tyrant?

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