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Why is it funny and cute that John is a violent maniac?

Of course, John freaking out and making a point of killing a caterpillar whose sole crime was scaring him isn't the first time that Lynn found it amusing to make him look like a foul-tempered lunatic whose first response to a mild inconvenience is to either threaten someone with physical harm or to actually act on his will towards ultra-violence. The idea seems to be that an exaggerated response to a mundane event is so funny, picky-face hater concerns about how distressing it is to look at John making an ugly fool of himself or how traumatic it must be to live with a human bomb are simply brushed aside.

What bothers me is that the constant whinging of the Kool-Aid quaffers to not think about what I have to look at means that they haven't troubled to ask themselves why Lynn thinks it's funny and smart and correct to make a grotesque cartoon of Rod's avatar. It seems to me that most of them are satisfied with commentary about how people who behave reasonably aren't funny or interesting and thus can keep on laughing at funny carnage from amusing belligerent horror freaks. It doesn't seem to occur to them that a rational human being who behaves like he isn't an insane thug is as funny as John is. It also doesn't seem to occur to them why Lynn does what she does.

For good or ill, I have to wonder why Lynn does that. What I've come up with is two possible explanations. The first is that for some reason or another, she thinks that discrediting Rod is somehow a legitimate way of dealing with his having disappointed or angered her. The idea of Lynn being a petty human being who thinks "HUM!!! I didn't like what Rod just did so I'll destroy his reputation again" might be appalling but at least it's not as horrifying as the possibility that Lynn doesn't even see what the consequences of John flipping out like a human Donald Duck have to be. I would rather give Lynn the benefit of the doubt and assume that she's a vengeful, petty woman who makes self-serving lies about all the characters being her when asked why John's character has yet to be toned down because the idea of her not even understanding that Rod's reputation is on the line terrifies me.

Sadly, terror seems to be the only option. This is because Lynn seems to be a fairly oblivious human being who simply cannot understand that watching John acting like a goyish version of Moe from the Three Stooges doesn't mesh well with his acting like a sane person when she doesn't need a good chuckle. This means that Robert Reed's angry letter about Batman at the 4077 would mean nothing to her. More on that after I talk about how John needs all the sleep.
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