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He's taking my baby: a field study in stupidity.

In his defense, Mike never really stood any real chance of growing up to be a decent human being. I'll get to why he has a very stupid idea of what appropriate gender roles are in a bit but right now, I'm going to follow a prompt I got from kefkaownsall and talk about what happened when he borrowed John's car and proceeded to get lost because he missed an exit. As you might already know, Lynn had established as a fact that John was dealing with yet another bout of the lower back pain he suffers from. Since he was incapacitated, Lizzie needed to go to skating practice and Elly was absent owing to a late shift or something, that left John with the troubling equation "Michael plus sports-car"; for a reason I'll get to later, John's answer to that bit of mental arithmetic was "fubar" because of another reason I'll get to later.

While it's true that Mike didn't quite realize that he was in over his head driving that over-powered vehicle, we can't exactly fault him for wanting to save time by taking the highway instead of going through surface streets like an idiot. Sure, he missed the exit he wanted to take but that could have happened to anyone. So could not being able to find a payphone.

The problem is that John simply did not want to hear this or understand things from Michael's perspective or do anything that presupposed that he might just be over-reacting to something that isn't what he thinks it is at first.

Of course, my use of the phrase "over-reacting to a non-event that isn't what John thinks it is" to describe what John did is an understatement. First off, Michael didn't intend to miss the exit in the first place and made a good-faith effort to ask for help. Not that the penny-ante dictator with the model train fetish wants to let that influence his decision. He needs to think that his children are trying to bust his ass because if he has to act as if they aren't. that makes him a tin-pot tyrant with rage issues instead of the stand-up guy he only thinks he is. My guess is that to this day, he still doesn't want to know that Mike didn't take the highway to be a jerk to his poor dad because poor dad wants to feel as if his children are dicks to him so he doesn't have to feel scary, scary remorse like a weakling or a woman or something.

That being said, his exaggerated fear of admitting error pales in comparison to his making a whiny, panicky comment about how Mike mistreated his BABY. The message that he's sending with that is that he's angry at Mike for risking the safety of something that he actually cares about: a thing!! A motor vehicle is a mechanical contrivance that can be replaced. A son is a living being who can not. Whining about the thing instead of the person marks John as being a materialistic idiot who cares more about his toys than the people around him. It also means that he's raising his children to worry more about what they have than the people around them.
Tags: john patterson: complete monster, values dissonance theatre

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