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Going roadside with hands-on gigs who've gone there and ain't coming back.

Of course, the inability to admit that the property of other people could actually mean something to them isn't the only value Lynn has that warps the characters. The need to slut-shame is also a very big part of the strip. The example that I was asked to discuss is the rather appalling sequence in which Candace wore a see-through blouse to school. As this strip indicates, the general idea seems to be that Candace sort of deserved to be treated like a side of beef because she 'provoked' those around her. Good thing that she was retconned into dressing provocatively because her home life was a mess; if that hadn't happened, she'd be in the same horrible spot Becky is in.

You do remember Becky, right? April's on-again, off-again friend? The one who's destined to die in a gutter wishing that she wasn't too good for her own good because she turned her back on fun and friendship so she could chase a foolish, ruinous dream? Well, before she became the victim of the idiotic and insane revenge fantasy Lynn cooked up when contemplating one acquaintance who did something with her life instead of passively waiting to be handed stuff like she was supposed to, she was the victim of the idiotic revenge fantasy Lynn cooked up against the popular girls who didn't scowl and growl their way through high school. I'm talking about her interaction with Bra-Snapping Asshole Upper-Classman Jeffo. She thought he was the one, he laughed and told her that she was points in the Game Evil Doctor Ted still plays and it's ALL HER FAULT for being a hands-on gig who went there and ain't coming back. When she needed her friends to console her and make her not feel like a fool, Aypo and the other vermin hit her with the "The fallen man again can soar, but woman falls to rise no more" bomb. That's right. I went there and I brought stuff back. Lynn consoles herself with the vindictive fantasy that the popular girls are a bunchafloozies who live empty lives of despair and ridicule.

This long-winded reminder of the blatantly obvious goes a long way to explaining why Michael has such a warped viewpoint of the female of the species. Either a woman is submissive and good like Elly, Lizzie or Deanna or she's trash like Martha or Rhetta. I fear for Meredith, I really do.
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