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This strip conserves sisterhood.

The reason that I do fear for Meredith is not just that Michael thinks that a regime in which punishment and reward depend not on right and wrong but on a parents' mood is normal, right and good because it produced a success like him. I fear for Meredith because she lives in a world that closely resembles a Taylor Swift CD owing to being the creation of a woman who shares the huffy little git's insane jealousy and petty, vindictive nature. While it is true that on rare occasions, Lynn pays lip service to the ideal of women treating one another with the same level of respect they give men, it's more than she can actually deliver.

I'm not just talking about Lynn's creeping all over Candace and Becky for 'provoking' men into untoward behaviour or throwing away all hope of being treated like a decent person forever. I'm talking about the insane hatred and horrifying jealousy that pretty much every other woman on the face of the planet instill in her dark, shriveled-up little heart. The woman seems to have spent her whole life convinced that every other woman on the planet wants to steal her man and leave her old, alone and forgotten so that said enemy can laugh at her for daring to want to be happy. This sort of makes sense in the crazy-ass artificial world called high school but in the real world, squealing about boyfriend stealers is sort of nuts.

The nuttiness not only manifests itself in the endless campaign to malign Thérèse for trying to destroy Liz's destiny of finding the safest option possible but in Elly's need to step on Mike's teenage romances. The interesting thing is that the comic strip Zits showed us the thought-process that inspired Elly to squeal about Martha's body language or how the fleeting moments Rhetta and Mike had were too many. What happened is that the mother hallucinated the son's girlfriend as kidnapping him; this surreal visual non-humor tells us that Elly is just another sitcom Jocasta whining that a boy's female contemporary is a tramp stealing her BABY!!!!!!

The rather distressing upshot of Elly defending her son against aggressors who would steal him away from the mother who loves him is that she makes John look like the less horrible person. John just wants to remind the boy that this attitude he has about how punishment and reward should be related to what he actually does is wrong and selfish; Elly won't own up to her sick impulse to bang her kid and tries to evade the question by maligning decent people.
Tags: unfortunate implications theatre, values dissonance theatre

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