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The Alibi Roommates.....

Now that we've pretty much seen the back end of the fictional version of Lynn's non-involvement with the yard sale she'd forced on her mother-in-law, let's talk about the annoying part that isn't her inabiilty to care about the damage she did and the evasive reason she gave for leaving town in the first place. It seems to me that much like her, the Pattersons simply cannot be allowed to quit doing something that bores them. Rather than admit to forcing other people to deal with their capricious nature, they always manage to make an excuse that allows them to save themselves from needed censure by saying that they have no choice.

The most fitting example of this tendency to not own being thoughtless jerks who drift through life doing what they want to do when they want to no matter what the cost to anyone else might be is when Liz lost interest in play-acting at being a frontier teacher. Rather than admit that she hated the idea of being told to adapt to the way her neighbours lived when it was obvious as all Hell to her that she needn't change herself in the least, she came up with one excuse after another to bail on people who'd come to rely on her. First, she whined about how her contract was expiring. When they offered another, she whined about how Susan Dokis really wanted a job or that she was homesick. Anything to avoid seeing the fact that she had to leave town because the Safe Option that would finally guarantee parental approval that will never come opened up and anything to avoid feeling guilty about the damage she did.

Next, we have to contend with Mike and his need to find a good reason to bail on his commitment as chief editor of Portrait. First, he grumbled in the retcons about how they were taking the magazine in unsettling direction. When that didn't make the grade, he ranted about the evils of the city because he wound up paying a fifty dollar bribe to a parking lot attendent owing to his not being able to find his arse with a map. Fortunately, Mean Old Mr Gluttson demanded that he be a big meanie and kick a bunch of useless time-servers to the curb. My guess is that Mr Bigshot Author Of Crap Books doesn't care that his rep in the industry is shot any more than he cares about the fact that someone else had to clean up his mess.

This, as I've said, comes from something within Lynn. Her constant rattling on about her move being necessitated by the closure of the mine is a rather disingenuous means of hiding the fact that she'd have found a way to force the issue even if the thing had stayed open. We know that she hated the place because they wanted her to not strut around like some kind of big shot and we know that she didn't really care one bit about the damage uprooting everyone else would do. We also know that she doesn't want to look like a bad person so came up with an excuse so as to avoid censure.
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