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Raiders of the Lost Foob, Chapter One: Elly goes to night school.

As you will recall, Lynn recently made an astonishing sounding revelation about her plans for the strip as if she were telling us the time of day. The soap opera addict in her thought it would be ever neat if she were to have Elly's boss Susan be a veiled threat to the sanctity of the Pattersons' marriage. She says that she reconsidered later because she thought better of it but it seems to me that whoever suggested that she might have had help doing so is spot on. While no one knows for sure, it might be that someone she trusted took her aside and explained that if she pulled a stunt like that, she'd be dropped so quickly, her severance check would have skidmarks on it.

The reason that I reminded you of this is that it has recently come to my attention that said adviser might have led off with the phrase "Don't you LISTEN?!" This is because as you may or may not know, Lynn has recently seen fit to post some of the strips that the Syndicate didn't deem worthy of publication. While some of the strips were sent back because the artwork wasn't good enough or the dialogue could have used some fine tuning, other sequences were rejected out of hand because The Powers That Be weren't comfortable with the direction Lynn wanted to take her nice little slice-of-life family strip. The one that clio_1 identified as being a problem is the "Elly goes to Night School" arc. The arc started off with Connie prescribing adult education as the sure cure for Elly's advanced case of freefloating self-loathing (as well as her own case of not having a husband); for some unguessable reason, Elly decided to pursue an artistic bent and went into a super-stereotypical macramé course. Despite getting defensive about her motivations, it soon became clear that what she was actually pursuing was a fantasy that could have resulted in a rather destructive reality were she not given to chickening out. This is because she fell hard for her lecherous ape of an instructor because she took the slick-talking jackass's spiel at face value despite Connie warning her not to. The moral of that was supposed to be "John might be a smug rat bastard idiot who treats Elly like a housemaid but he's the best man she'll ever know"; the moral we'd have learned when the Syndicate pulled the plug is "Don't rock the boat."
Tags: temple of the lost foob, unfortunate implications theatre

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