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Raiders of the Lost Foob, Chapter Two: Women in Groups.

Another interesting fact is that the lost strips show us a sequence that presages Elly's joining an exercise group with Annie and Connie. The reason that this is interesting is not that Lynn says that the reason the Syndicate rejected it is that no one back in the early eighties could relate to Elly spending three hundred dollars to join a spa. It also isn't interesting because we get the standard jokes about how when a man has a few extra pounds, he's got love handles but when a woman has a high BMI, she's faaaaaaat and ugly. The interesting part is when, Elly goes out of her way to say that she doesn't hate other women unless they're in groups. As you can see, Connie hints at the reason when she asks Elly is she's still in high school or something. Simply put, Elly is like Lynn in that she assumes that the other women are going to judge her appearance as insanely harshly as she does. What we see here is a foreshadowing of Elly balking at going into the locker room because she's sure that she'll be treated the same piss-poor way she was back when she was what Steven Page and Ed Robertson call a minor niner and what most of you would call a high school freshman. 

Another interesting thing is that she isn't even honest about not liking women in groups. The rejected arc in which Elly clashes with a woman named Marta starts off by assuming that when women meet, they are compelled to hate one another on sight and can only co-exist if one of them is proven to be somehow inferior. Since Marta was clearly supposed to have a better, easier life than Elly, there was no possible way they could be friends because both of them are the creation of a very insecure, self-loathing woman who is bitterly jealous of every other woman on the planet.

The third interesting thing is that Lynn eventually managed to retool this arc as well. Just as she turned Not-Weight Watchers into the Not-Aerobics Class, she recast the whole "I'm not jealous of this person, she's just plain EVIL" arc. Granted, the passive, whining dimwit in question was Lizardbreath and the EVIL woman happened to be Thérèse but Lynn did manage to get it published in the end..
Tags: temple of the lost foob, values dissonance theatre

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