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Elly's Bitter Business Bureau

Of course, it's not just the lost strips that predict elements of the future. The recent library fundraiser arc also hints as to what the Pattersons would be doing twenty years or so down the line owing to it being a foreshadowing of what a dull-witted failure Elly was going to become when she took over Lilliput's. The strip in which Elly has to rush back into the house because they're running out of things to sell is the first hint as to why Elly was dependent on the good will and brains of Moira Kinney to keep the woman who used to own the place from having her kneecapped. The source of this baffling strip seems to have been the end result of Lynn observing her mother-in-law rush into the house to sell something that wasn't originally for sale. Now, a normal person would assume that while Ruth didn't want to sell the object at first, the offer the other person made was too good to pass up. The idea that Ruth had run out of things to sell would not occur to anyone who knew how the business world worked. Since Elly is the product of someone who lets other people handle her business affairs for her because they bore and confuse her, it's not hard to see why she made so many stupid decisions over the years.

The stupidest decision of all, of course, was to buy a business where she'd have to work with the public. As we see time and again, Elly is quite simply awful at dealing with the public for the same reason that she's an awful parent, awful wife and awful daughter: she's a brittle idiot who can't take the rude behaviour she dishes out to other people. What's worse, she's the avatar for someone who looked at all the people shopping for Ruth's bargoons and wrote them off as being akin to a bunch of stupid raccoons paying good money for someone else's meaningless old crap. The same arrogant, dismissive disrespect for the people attending the sale re-emerged in this effort in which she makes no effort to help some poor sap who assumed that a book store owner would actually bother keeping up with the news. Said woman also probably assumes something else that she shouldn't in that she assumes that Flapandhonk is going to make sure that her inventory doesn't sprout legs and walk out the door. The dumbass with the turnip sprouting out of her stupid face was so glad to have someone flatter her that she let a lying jackass rob her blind. What bothers me about Elly's talking about keeping an open mind is that it was so open, her teeny little brain fell the Hell out.

Fortunately for all concerned, the effort of having to think further ahead than the next five seconds proved to be as heart-rending and unfair a trial for her as it is for her children so she moved from befuddled employee to inept owner to insane and domineering landlady. Eventually, her crappy diet will kill her and Moira can be free of her stupid and useless interference.
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