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On Mystery Diseases And Their Discontents.

Now that we've launched into the "Lizzie gets incredibly sick" arc, I'd like to talk about the thing that really bothers me. What really bothers me is not that Michael makes an asinine comment about real mothers because, as I will show you tomorrow, he's simply a mouth-piece for Lynn's fear that she's not really a mother since she's got a career. It's not that we're dealing with a poorly-researched piece of garbage arc that trivializes the suffering of someone with a life-threatening and life-shortening illness by turning into a disease-of-the-week arc. It's not that Annie becomes Lynn's mouthpiece for her anger at schools for making her deal with sick kids. It isn't even the fact that we never know what Lizzie has. What bothers me is that Elly seems to me to be thinking that the virus or bacillus that's responsible is out to crush her freedom of expression. The first three strips in the arc are, as you will recall, all about how horrible it is that Elly's individual identity has been stripped from her and she's been demoted to mere mother.

This, as others have said, is absurd. First off, the backlog of trivial crap that she's so happy to return to tells me that while John was out of line in implying that she's a glorified temp, that's pretty much what she is. He might be an insensitive dick in saying that she can miss a week or two and the world won't spin out of its orbit but he's a loutish Neanderthal who's making a point. After all, it's very probable that Susan and Monique had someone cover their asses when their kids got sick so Elly can do the same.

Then again, Lynn has a child born after the year 1975 talk like some ass-scratching caveman talking about 'real' moms because she needs a mouthpiece for her ambiguity and self-doubt. Perhaps if Aaron hadn't have made an asinine comment about dealing with his mother for a change instead of a celebrity, she'd vary who that was but his tetchiness doomed Mike to looking stupid.
Tags: lizzie, lynn versus the real world

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