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Unreliable Martyr Narrator Syndrome Redux.

Yesterday's entry about how Lynn really hates being told that the Pattersons treat April shabbily reminds me of the lowest, most despicable episode in their failed attempts at parenting: The "I Quit Motherhood" episode. As you will recall, Elly stupidly badgered April about the need to eat something only to lose her shit like the imbecile she is when the kid stood up for herself. While I'm quite sure that a more or less accurate accounting of events would enrage moron bully John owing to that whole "children are just puppets whose job it is to do whatever I say" complex of his, I tend to think that Elly might have been less than accurate. What gets me to thinking that is all the times that Michael says shit like "Why can't I have sugar cereal" when a REAL child would name the brand of the evil commodity that evilly exists to martyr his whining cornball materfamilias. What seems to be actually happening is that Mike does ask why Elly has to feed him something boring like "NootraBran" when he would rather have some "Frosted Zappos"; since Elly thinks that doing so would cause her mother to beam down and call her a failure, she doesn't hear brand names but instead hears a generalized expression.

The reason that this sort of self-serving exercise in demonizing her children for not wanting to feed into her martyrdom complex is important in the here-and-now is that we don't really know what Mike's objections to her being at work all the time are. We get some broad hints as to what the real problem is every time she gets into a snit about how her children's very real need for just a moment of her time to see if she actually likes them 'actually' means that they're selfish, chaos-loving parasites who hate HER and want HER to not have an identity because they're parasites who hate her and love chaos. Mike could actually have made an aside about how nobody asks him anything, they just tell him to do it and if he doesn't, he's a bad kid who is bad. Since Elly is a jerk propelled by self-pity, she can't help but assume that Michael's wanting to have some input into what his life is like means that he wants to enslave her and take away her identity.

Well, there's that and the fact that Elly is clearly upset that Michael wasn't sympathizing with the person he should have sympathized with. All he cared about was some irrelevant sick child who only got sick to take away the real victim's identity. Had he worried about someone important like Elly, he might have stood a chance of having his words and actions depicted with something like accuracy.
Tags: elly on her cross, mike versus elly

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