dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On upgrading her life

As you might have noticed, Elly would very much like to change the people around her to make them more to her liking. She'd like John to be more supportive, less witlessly chauvinistic and less inclined to retreat behind a newspaper or into a work shed when it came time to be a father. She would also like to have children who did well in school, did chores without back talk, loved her cooking and appreciated what she did for them. She would also love to have a space all her own wherein no one would ask anything of her.

Let say for sake of argument that a scenario that megan_koumori imagined were to come to pass and Elly was able to upgrade her family to be the image of what she said she wanted them to be and not have the option of taking her choice back. My personal opinion is that were this to happen, Elly's default negativity would come into play and she'd be sitting there growling about getting shafted. I think that she wouldn't really be able to relate well to what she said would be a perfect husband because she'd suspect that he had something up his sleeve. I also think that she'd find fault with model children because she'd assume that since they were clearly too good to be true, they must be laughing at her behind her back and I think she would go mad from boredom if she had her creative nook to herself.

The reason that I think this way is that I do a really stupid thing that Lynn hates: remembering stuff. What I remember that makes me think that Elly would be unhappy with the result of her wishing her problems away is that Elly doesn't know WHAT she wants and isn't really capable of being happy. From the very beginning of the strip to the very end, we find ourselves dealing with a person who never quite figured out who she was or what she wanted out of life and who was hampered by an inability to be glad for what she had. What this means is that she'd end up yelling at a demigod because she doesn't realize that she's as flawed as the rest are.
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus her family

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