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The Ultimate Upgrade: A world without Martians.

To continue on from yesterday's thought experiment, the fact that the Patterson saga ended when Liz got married pretty much tells us what upgrade Elly would really liked to have had. From the second that she was sure that she'd have a third child, our hero was all about how bad her life was going to be. Had she not been tied down with April, Elly is certain that her life would have been a lot better. When the 2013 Elly isn't grumbling about how for some incomprehensible reason or another Aoril simply doesn't seem to understand where her home is, the old doll is fretting about how she could have had a better career, done more traveling and finished her education without the distraction of diaper rash and midnight feedings. What's more, she could have devoted more time to making sure that Mke and Liz had had an easier childhood.

The problem with this is that she's talking fluent gibberish. She can grumble about how the time lost raising her made her 'career' at the library go away until she dies but the plain fact is that her alleged job was going to go away child or no child. This means that she can blame computers for it just like she was going to blame them for her not finishing her schooling after the fact. As for her travel plans, it really doesn't seem likely that she'd want to be away from home for more than two weeks a year and she does that anyway so that's another thing that April really didn't ruin.

Another thing that she didn't do is fill Elly up with a free-floating feeling that she'd somehow or other been cheated out the good life. Ol'Flapandhonk would be saying that it sucks to be her if her house had been empty since 2004. The only real difference is that John would be asking "Uh, El? Why are you blaming someone who doesn't exist for not existing? Isn't that like saying 'Whatever kills me makes me stronger?'" 
Tags: elly on her cross, elly versus herself, mars in retrograde

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