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Annie Nichols: Queen of Kool-Aid Freaking Mountain....

I'd like to take a brief pause from explaining why the strip would work just as well without April serving as proof that Lynn can't write about anything she isn't currently experiencing to talk about the sort of people who are oh so glad to have the opportunity to tell the incompetent and very lucky woman what a brilliant author she'd like to think she is. There are two broad hints as to what sort of person agrees that we've been so cruel and mean to the bitter, ungrateful and vindictive clod. The first broad hint is that they all agree that Elly and John are the injured parties in the "I quit motherhood" sequence. They don't see a child being reminded that only Mommy and Daddy are allowed to have opinions; they see a defiant monster who needs a good smack in the mouth because she has what they call a bad attitude and what people aren't up their own ass call having free will.

The second broad hint is that when Lynn turned her strip into a moronic morality play in the Declining Years, they were on board. We might as well have been on the date Liz and Anthony had when they checked all of that stupid crap off their idiotic list:

  • Liz slept around like a floozy instead of keeping herself pure like Elly: CHECK.
  • She got cheated on by a Man Who Was Not Right For Her: CHECK.
  • She missed her chance to marry Sainted Assthony right after college: CHECK.
  • Anthony fell in the arms of an EEEEEEEEEEVIl, irrationally jealous career woman with evil ambitions: CHECK.
  • Liz suffered the torment of being in an evil Northern town where everyone was laughing behind her back when the man of snow cheated on her: CHECK.
  • The evil career woman left Anthony high and dry for no reason that anyone can mention and think of him as being sympathetic: CHECK.
  • Chastened by their experience with the scary, evil world outside of their beloved home, the two of them learn to trust in fate and faith again and marry so as to enjoy the same bliss as John and Elly: Check!!
  • A man named Paul J who lives in Saint John, New Brunswick retches in disgust at the repellent spectacle: BLAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH.

What sort of person honestly buys into crap like this? Small-town, small-minded conservative housewives who get defensive about how they live their lives because they're filled with free-floating rage because they don't have the happy life that they were promised and jealousy of people who clearly having a better time of it than they are. The interesting thing is that there is a smug, self-righteous bundle of ignorance, twaddle and gutlessness racing around in the strip. She used to be a fixture until Elly cut her dead because of a stupid misapprehension: Annie Nichols. It seems to me that she'd be the first to cheer Elly on when it came time to sabotage Therese because of that being pissed off at her betters thing she's rocking.
Tags: anne achronism, coffee talkers

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