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On demented mentoring: How to slam teenagers without having a teenager.

While I have made something of a case for why Lynn didn't actually need a teenaged Patterson rattling around in the first decade of the century to achieve her goals, she still does need to scare people about the evils of the children who are going to be working three jobs to pay for their retirement. Validating their chicken-hearted decision to settle for less and marry their own personal Pornstache and scaring them about computers is not enough; she must also remind them that free will is fine for her generation but a horrible menace in the hands of people who weren't around to experience Beatlemania.

It seems to me that she already had a person like that in the strip: Kortney. Since the dull-witted antagonist was a friend's child and since Elly doesn't hang around with the naturally criminal lower orders if she can avoid it, it seems obvious that making her a thief was as unnecessary as Batiuk's decision to turn a crappy high school Lothario into a date rapist after the fact because he needed Dead Lisa to be a saint. All she needed to do was have the child ask "stupid" questions and offer "stupid" solutions. Well, there's that and actually showing us Anthony's kid sister. We could have her show up and defend E-VILE Thérèse; that oughta scratch the e-vile child itch pretty damned good. Come to think of it, we could have her fill another role: Farley's 'executioner'. More on that tomorrow.
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