dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Home Stretch 6: Back to Square One....

Remember all that character growth the characters did over the last few years? You can forget it. Throw it all away. Every last bit of it. That's because, for the needs of the hybrid, the Foobs have to be the same people they were in the classic years of the strip. Mike has to be the same inconsiderate, boorish leech he was in high school. An adult looking through three extra sets of eyes like he was just a few years back would certainly know to buy his own milk instead of raiding his parents' fridge. A glorified teenager, on the other hand, would insist on blowing his wad on shiny garbage and sponging off the folks. Liz has regressed from the interesting young woman with the potential for an interesting life to the whiny, teenaged chowderhead stressing about her relationship with Anthony. The only difference is that she can't go off again after the time freeze because she'll be married and her parents are determined that she and Anthony forsake all others. April has devolved back into Daddy's little poster child for arrested development, only too happy to act at least half a decadeyounger than her biological age. What is Lynn thinking when she presents a pathetic willingness to return to the past as a happy ending? She may think she's celebrating continuity in things, but she's not. What she's really advocating is that the next generation embark on a merry race back up the birth canal so that the Ellys of the world don't have to confront their mortality.
Tags: the dreaded hybrid

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