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Technofear Without Martians....

The fear that people will look askance at them for letting their children have sex out of wedlock isn't the only moral panic that we don't really need April for. As I'm about to demonstrate, Lynn could pander to the cringing dread that most old people have that Facespace will steal their identity and sell it to Doctor No because the dead tree people tell them to fear and hate the scary, evil Interwebs. From what the strip shows us, it isn't just the fear of being suddenly ignorant and irrelevant that makes Lynn herself terrified of the new order. Given that most strips that have her interact with computers follow the following formula:

  1. Elly approaches the machine with a bad attitude.

  2. Elly blows off the advice of people who actually know what they're doing because she hates asking for help.

  3. Elly makes a ridiculous mistake because she's too impatient and stupid to operate a damned can opener let alone a laptop.

  4. Elly loses her shit because she's an impatient idiot with the impulse control of a cranky toddler.

  5. Elly blames the machine for her own stupidity.

  6. We are exhorted to clutch the dumb biddy to our collective bosoms and cry bitter angry tears because evil men have subjected a busy mother with no help and no time to herself to the torment of having to learn something.

we have to remember that her fear of being old and obsolete meshes with her hatred of having to spend more than thirty seconds paying attention to anything. It seems to me that without April, the role of "horrible person who wants to make Elly look foolish" would have to be taken up by John; this would mean that a collection would end up being called "I've got Male" and feature Luddite dumbass Elly screaming at a computer on the cover.
Tags: lynn versus the real world

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