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Annie Alone.....

The interesting thing about the immediate after-effect of the Mystery Disease Arc is that we get a bit of a reminder that about the only friend Annie has is Elly. Before making her smug, ignorant and thoughtless comment about playcare, the fat dodo whines piteously about how much she misses the human contact she got from dealing with Elly. We get another reminder that Annie really doesn't have many friends when Connie returns and the poor, dim thing mopes that she's being replaced. This isolation makes her life after she finally admits that Steve is a philandering jackhole even more depressing than it would otherwise have been because learning-impaired Elly assumes that since she didn't divorce the prick, she rolled over and thus wasn't worthy of her friendship.

The problem that faces us is why is it that no one much cares to hang around Annie Nichols. I believe that I know the answer and it's related to why she simply didn't do what most people would have expected and simply kicked Steve's cheating ass to the curb and started anew like a sane person. It's fairly obvious that she assumed that everyone expected her to keep her malfunctioning marriage going for the children and also because that's what the Church expects of her. This odd habit of not realizing that what everyone knows has changed is also why she packed her kids off to the Catholic school and why she mutilated Leah to sate her own vanity. As I said the last time I talked about her friendlessness, no one wants to be around a smug dimwit who, despite being wrong about practically everything, has a look on her face that says "I'm right!!!"

The strange thing is that we see the same look on Connie Poirier's stupid face too. More on that next.
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