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Annie, Connie and the narcissism of minor differences...

Of course, Annie isn't the only idiot who storms around thinking that she knows everything only to collapse into a heap of melodrama and despair when she's knocked for a loop. Just as how Leah's extra fingers and Steve's extracurricular activities turned Annie into a panicky basketcase instead of the rock colossus of smug self-righteousness she normally is, I can think of another person who freaked out because she thought that an innate property of a child was indicative of a moral failing on her part as well as being blindsided by the obvious fact that Doctor Da Silva would rather not spend his life being a shrill, entitled imbecile's chocolate fantasy. I'm talking, of course, about the other know-nothing know-it-all that Elly hangs out with so she can at least feel superior to someone: Connie. Elly, it would seem, needs to associate with idiots who can't run their own lives but make pompous, ill-informed noise about how they've got everything under control.

While I appreciate her need to be with her own kind, it always used to puzzle me that while Elly gets on reasonably well with her fellow ignorant jerkass lecturing idiots, it's clear that Connie and Annie can't abide each other's company. As we know from Annie's Liography, the heftier, more traditionally minded know-nothing know-it-all made a smug, ignorant comment about how she thought Connie brought her problems on herself by talking down marriage and how horrible she was for daring to blight the world with an illegitimate child. Annie, it would seem, believes that Connie needs rescuing from herself. What she doesn't realize is that Connie seems to think that Anne should go first. This is because the same woman who made pious noise about how every child should have a mother and a father is pretty much a single parent in all but name. She might say after the fact that she was too frightened to confront Steve about his peregrinations but the plain fact is that she's what a weak man like him needs: a woman who blinds herself to the obvious because it's easier. She had plenty of warning that Steve was a shiftless layabout and skirt-chasing jerkwad but she just didn't want to see the signs; this makes her the same as Connie and her belief that despite bending herself into a pretzel for her MAYYYYUUNNNN, he's the one being changed.

Another commonality they have is what I mentioned in the first paragraph: their tendency to fall apart when things don't go the way they expected. Just as Annie thought that Leah's extra fingers were a sign that she was somehow living her life wrong, Connie seems to think that Lawrence's sexual orientation is somehow a sign that she didn't live her life right. She probably still thinks that if she'd managed to get him a father quicker, he'd be as straight as an arrow. This sort of thing leaves me wondering what would happen if she actually said this where Fatso could hear her; the idea that Connie only rebelled against the belief systems of her parents because she was on the wrong side of them would make Annie's brain explode; since said brain is simply two neurons tied together in a slip knot, the mortician wouldn't have to order a prosthetic head for the service.
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