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The Nichols Embargo: A Proposal.

As we all know, Lynn more or less dropped Annie and the Nichols family from the strip when she made Annie to "Lynn the betrayed spouse.” The stated reason was that, well, she simply did not want to explore that part of her past in any depth because it hurt too much. Also, if she examined it too carefully, she might expose herself to terrible information that might imply that it’s not actually all that painful at all. She’d no sooner let go of a reason to feel bad about something than Annie would move on from being Mrs Steve Nichols. We also know why it is that Elly avoided Anne for all of those years. Simply put, Flapandhonk noticed that Annie did not kick Steve to the curb like she was “supposed” to have done. Since Elly is too bloody stupid to understand that Anne would rather die than get a divorce, she assumed that the only reason that she stayed married is that she forgave the man his transgressions like a good little passive Catholic doormat.

This, I think, is owing to Elly being the creation of a woman with a mild case of sectarian thinking. She might not spend her summers in Belfast marching down the Papist neighbourhoods celebrating King Billy crossing the Boyne and she might not be overly religious but she did grow up stupid under the Red Ensign. Having silly ideas about how Catholic women are either submissive idiots like Thérèse’s or Connie’s mother or rebels like Connie or Evil Career Woman is something Lynn grew up doing. We can probably explain it in the strip by giving Elly help thinking that Annie rolled over. Help with glasses that stood there like a shivering pillar of shit while her manipulative control freak husband tossed her son out of his home because he feared its transformation into a super-crazy no-way gay flesh pit and because she wanted grandbabies.

Why do I assume that Connie is the one who told Elly that Annie rolled over? Simple. I remember how angry Connie is that she never gave Greg a son and how pissed she is that no one is ever going to call her Granny. The idea of having Anne and Elly bond by showing each other pictures of their grandkids is so galling that she had to drive a wedge between them somehow in order to avoid being frozen out of Elly’s life. Since she knows Elly better than Elly knows herself, it was dead easy to play to her prejudices docile victim Catholic wives who let themselves be abased. The fun part is that unlike Annie, Christmas-and-Easter Protestant Elly IS a docile victim wife who lets herself get abased!!

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