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Forgiveness in the Patterverse and other absences......

As we all know, the primary reason that Annie never bothered divorcing Steve wasn't to avoid a scandal or to make sure the kids had anything like stability or anything dumb like that. The main reason was that by admitting that he'd done something bad to her, he'd thoughtfully given an insane tyrant a club to bludgeon him over the head with for all eternity.

That being said, he'd be a fool to think that there's any hope of redemption. This is because just as gratitude and remorse manifest themselves as a complete absence, no one in the Patterverse is capable of forgiveness. What differentiates him from the rest is that he has actually done something that sane people would regard as being unforgivable. Annie's being able to use his infidelity as an easy way of defeating any idea of his she doesn't like might not be pleasant but at least she has something real to not forgive. The Pattersons hold insane and stupid things against everyone they've ever met.

As by way of example, the 2013 Elly Patterson is probably sitting in the Tiny Train House grousing about how awful it is that April stole away her last chance at having the big fancy career she was never going to have or going to the really exotic places that would have angered her because they weren't authentic.Ah, well. At least that's a change from being angry with Phil because he never once admitted that she was the boss of him and should have done exactly what she said.

She's joined in not forgiving people for stupid, self-serving reasons by idiot John. He resents the fact that his children never once admitted that they were free-loading off him almost as much he resents and can't forgive people who tell him something cruel and terrible. The idea that producing children means that he owes society people who can function within it means that he has to give without hope of getting back and that's just awful.

To continue on with this inability to forgive fictitious trespasses, we have to remember that Mike still resents it that he never had a little brother to get along with and totally not torment because there's no way that his hatred of sharing anything would have blighted the life of a little brother, that's just crazy talk. Also, Liz can't forgive Thérèse and April for trying to make her feel bad about doing what she wants when she wants it and April can't forgive Becky for making her feel insecure.

Simply put, what we're looking at is a family of people who cannot allow themselves to forgive people for doing something that isn't actually horrible while at the same time begging people to understand why they have to behave like jerks. The same Elly who hates it that her children need her attention wants people to understand that she simply shouldn't have been asked to provide it and expecting it of her is just plain wrong. Other people, people like Annie, they have to watch over their children but Elly is special.

This, I should think, is owing to the Pattersons being the creation of a woman who assumes that everyone else has to follow inflexible rules but her and if they fall short of the mark, they cannot be forgiven.  
Tags: the pattersons versus reality.

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