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Mother's Day is for martyrdom and Father's Day is for nagging.

It would seem that in my haste to reiterate the sad fact that Elly has only rarely understood what was going on around her, I'd skipped over discussing how the Pattersons celebrate Mother's and Father's Day. While both occasions are an occasion by which Lynn can use her strip to nag people, it's rather easy to see that what they're being nagged about differs. You see, the Mother's Day strips that aren't about how reluctant the family is to appreciate all that Elly does for them tell us that the best gift they can give her is a day of me time.

Father's Day, on the other hand, is a bit more complex. When it's celebrated at all, we either get John forting himself up in his workshop and not serving Elly's needs or Mike needing to be isolated from his evil, chaos loving children who don't understand that their presence in his life is unwelcome. The former is Lynn nagging Rod about having a private life while the latter is Lynn nagging her adult children about horrible they were to expect to be part of her super-important life.

The most interesting part is that most of the time, Father's Day isn't celebrated at all. This is because Lynn was mad at Rod because he didn't want to give up his dream job as a dentist like he was supposed to. The way she saw things, he was a super-bad person for wanting to keep his harem of women who wanted to destroy her marriage (because that's what pretty people DO) and force her to deal with the scary, evil outside world filled with scary, scary strangers who expect her to act like a useless nobody.

Hmmmm.....This must be why Liz says that she made Paul Wright up. He wouldn't move South because she said so and she can't face the idea that she's a manipulative idiot who wants a barrier between herself and a scary reality.
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