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Shrieking your way towards success: how Elly gets what she wants.

Of course, the reason that the people of Milborough are used to the idea of the Patterson children going away for the summer is that they're used to something else: Elly shrieking like a banshee so she can get whatever she wants. The current situation is pretty much typical because it has all the required elements:
  • First off, we have Mike objecting to something Elly is doing because he's the one being asked to sacrifice everything without getting anything in return. In this instance, he gets to be treated like a two-year old and hang around with monsters because Mom won't let him stay in the house alone.
  • Second, we have Elly misinterpreting the situation in the most insanely negative light. In this instance, she convinces herself that when he says that he hates coming home to an empty house, that MUST mean that she can never leave while he gets to come and go as he pleases.
  • Third, rational alternatives that allow both parties to get what they want cannot be considered. Were Elly to have her part-time job and be there for Michael, that would mean that he is now the boss of her and that is unacceptable.
  • This leads Elly to start ranting and screaming about how simply terrible Mike is for wanting to deny her her freedom because he's a selfish little monster who hates her, eats fulfillment and loves CHAOS!!
  • This also leads to John being a good, supportive husband; this is because he reminds himself that sticking up for his children is far too much trouble. Better to let Elly shout people down and be wrong than to be right and get the silent treatment.

The reason for all of this is that Elly hates the idea of discussing anything rationally because she does not want to retreat from any position. Just as she once martyred herself by saying that her children wanted her to take back her threats and thus never have any authority ever, she can't compromise and work Mike into her schedule because that would, as I said, mean one of two terrible things. The first terrible thing is the one she tells herself in the daylight and has to do with him becoming the boss of her. The second and far worse terrible thing is what she tells herself late at night and has to do with her still being a spoiled brat who screams her way into getting what she wants, right or (mostly) wrong.

Tags: elly on her cross, elly patterson: complete monster

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